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Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is a leading travels support company in sub-Saharan Africa, established and located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria since 1998. Powered by the expertise of highly skilled, resourceful and innovative staff, the company is breaking new grounds in regular and progressive proportion in its corporate business of curriculum based Education Study tours.
Recognizing the synergy between travel and education in a globalized world, Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd regales in being a leading curriculum travel solutions outfit, with sublime dexterity in packaging and organizing educational tours for Students within the age bracket of 6 - 17 years.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is one of the most successful and foremost travel company in Nigeria which has several unique and customer satisfying and customer focus travel products and services. We are the leading travel company in Nigeria that specializes on curriculum focus student travels and educational tour products for students within the age group of 6 to 17 years.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is also the Official Country Office and Exclusive Authorized Agent in Nigeria of Kingswood Education & Learning Group and Camp Beaumont, Norwich-England, United Kingdom. The Operational Regional Office Education Travel Group, Brighton, United Kingdom. We are also the Premier Agent in Nigeria of English Days and Youth Education Series at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, United States of America and Canada International Student Service, Toronto-Ontario, as well as International Language Schools of Canada and Agent of Sheridan Institute of Technology of Canada.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd Limited is a multi facet integrated travel and tourism company in Nigeria with specialty in student educational tour packages and products. As a specialist in student educational tour products, we are unique in our package, our products are curriculum-based vis-a-vis other tour organizers in the sense that our products and packaging go beyond mere sight-seeing which is just the jamboree package that other tour organizers do. All our student educational tour products are global brands.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is the first and the only company in the sub Sahara Africa applying the principle of Learning Outside the Classroom to its student educational tour packages which are linked to the curriculum of the schools. During the course of each student study tours, each student is given a workpack to interact with and serve as guide in achieving the curriculum elements of the study tours for easier and faster assimilation.
With all modesty, we are the largest student educational study tour company in Nigeria. In the last 10 years we have successfully organized and packaged over 5,000 students to different educational study destinations. As a result of the popularity and acceptance of curriculum focus educational study tours, the annual turnover of students attendance and participation in our programmes is on the average of 2000 annually for ranging from Nursery/Primary School to Tertiary Institutions and universities from all over Nigeria and neighbouring West African Countries.
We have eminent educators and professionals locally and internationally who are our Board of Advisers. They are the ones guiding us and giving us direction apart from our Board and management members on a regularly basis so that we shall continue to offer the best services to our numerous clients.
At Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd, we add value by incorporating and integrating educationally oriented programmes and more especially curriculum-based programmes in our packages thereby enabling them to concretely learn and capture the practical aspects of what they are taught in the day-to-day classroom learning. This philosophy of our curriculum-based educational tour products makes our products and packages an extension and continuation of classroom learning for the students which most schools in Nigeria are currently adopting and incorporating into their curricular/sylabi and allocate marks or grades for student attendance and participation.
This translates to total development of the child and prepares such child as a future leader with global perception since all our products are designed with the mindset of global relationships thereby making the world their primary constituency. This fundamental principle of providing proactive student educational tour programmes propels us to continually seek relationships with the world biggest and largest student educational tour and travel companies and Resorts offering student travel products.
We will appreciate your invitation to discuss your specific tour request with you by calling any of our hotlines 08022235119, 08055469754 or 017942316.
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