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Safety is of utmost importance to us at Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd. Therefore apart from our own private security outfits, we also engage the services of The Nigeria Police escorts to protect our boats, and passengers at all times. We adhere to the requirements of the Health Safety and Environment.
We provide reliable and efficient ferry services to all our passengers. In achieving this, we employ the best practices and engage modern method of operation. We are a 24hours Company and one of our objectives is to transport passengers by ferries/ boats all around Lagos state and throughout the Federation. We are known for ferrying both locals and non-locals for both business and pleasure purposes.
We provide a safe, comfortable and affordable ferry services for commuters in the country. We constantly adhere to our core values, which include customer focus, promptness to service calls, teamwork, safety and professionalism. In fact, we consider our reputation to be our greatest asset.
Our boats cruise from Osbourne Jetty to Snake Island/Tin Can Island. We also ferry from Osbourne Jetty to Ishahayi Beach as well as from Osbourne Jetty to Tarkwa Bay including other interested places of choice.
We also render special boat services for company executives such as “Executive Boat Hiring for Transportation” as well as “Work Boat Hiring for Transportation”.
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