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Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is a leading travels support company in sub-Saharan Africa, established and located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria since 1998. Powered by the expertise of highly skilled, resourceful and innovative staff, the company is breaking new grounds in regular and progressive proportion in its corporate business of curriculum based Education Study tours.
Recognizing the synergy between travel and education in a globalized world, Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd regales in being a leading curriculum travel solutions outfit, with sublime dexterity in packaging and organizing educational tours for Students within the age bracket of 6 - 17 years.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is one of the most successful and foremost travel company in Nigeria which has several unique and customer satisfying and customer focus travel products and services. We are the leading travel company in Nigeria that specializes on curriculum focus student travels and educational tour products for students within the age group of 6 to 17 years.
Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd is also the Official Country Office and Exclusive Authorized Agent in Nigeria of Kingswood Education & Learning Group and Camp Beaumont, Norwich-England, United Kingdom. The Operational Regional Office Education Travel Group, Brighton, United Kingdom. We are also the Premier Agent in Nigeria of English Days and Youth Education Series at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, United States of America and Canada International Student Service, Toronto-Ontario, as well as International Language Schools of Canada and Agent of Sheridan Institute of Technology of Canada.
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